Your Policies... Your Benefits
By Jerry Hopper and Associates
Do NOT risk litigation because your policies are NOT
written & acknowledged by your employees
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Construction Companies
We have developed a handbook for Construction Companies that covers over 100 employee-related policies and benefits. Merely by inserting key words, selecting alternative phrases, deleting segments that are not required or adding topics unique to your operation, you can prepare a customized handbook for your company.

CLICK HERE to order your Construction Employee Handbook. The following subjects to the right are written specifically for Construction Companies. For a complete list of topics, refer to Subjects Covered.
• Confidentiality
• Hazardous Wastes
• Report-In Pay
• Care of Equipment
• Safety Equipment
• Motor Vehicle Record Inquiry
• Company Tools
• Wash-Up, Clean Up
• Transfer of Employees
• Personal Tools
• Scrap Material & Parts
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